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Beyond Religion: The Purpose of Faith and Worship

Jeff Louie

Matt 21: 12-22

King Me

Adam Darbonne

Matt 20: 29 - 21: 11

Jesus is the Example of Service

Rashad Clemons

Matt 20: 17-28

The Way Up is Down

Rob Hall

Matt 19: 13-20: 16

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A three week mini-series on New North's vision

King and Kingdom | Part 04

The Gospel of Matthew Chapters 13b – 25

King and Kingdom | Part 03

The Gospel of Matthew Chapters 8 – 13a

King and Kingdom | Part 02

The Gospel of Matthew Chapters 5 – 7

New Year’s Eve

Revelation 4

Christmas at New North

King and Kingdom | Part 01

The Gospel of Matthew Chapters 1 – 4

Base Camp

This sermon series will provide you with the essentials for genuine discipleship, not just in terms of what to believe but also in terms of what to do and how to do it.

Exiles–Hope Between Two Worlds

A study in 1 Peter.

What Child is This?

Why is the child we celebrate at Christmas so special?

Ventures in Faith

A study in the book of Joshua.

Trending Now

Various cultural topics where we can live out our faith in Jesus.

#Christmas Selfies

The Christmas Story from different perspectives.


A study in the book of Romans.

Rebuilding Your Broken World

A study in the book of Nehemiah.

The Story

A walk through the entire Bible.

Building a Home: One Room at a Time

The Crown and the Fire

Love Letters

Songs of Summer

A study in various Psalms.

Come and See

A study in the Gospel of John.

The Wisest Fool

A study in the life of Solomon.

Sit, Walk, Stand


Stories Jesus told.