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Serve at New North

Over and over again Scripture commands followers of Jesus to love and serve one another, and it affirms that the Holy Spirit has given every believer certain gifts for the purpose of building up the Church (the body of believers). You, then, have both a responsibility and the privilege of using those gifts in the context of the local church — in this case, New North. The question is, how has God uniquely gifted you to serve at New North?

We want to help you figure that out, so you can be fully engaged in the life of New North Church! Whether you know exactly where your gifts can be used, or don’t even know what gifts you have, we can help you figure out what service God is calling you to.

If you know where you'd be a good fit, go ahead and click the first link below to fill out a form! If you want to explore where God might be calling you, consider attending a Volunteer Orientation. You'll learn about all the opportunities to use you God-given gifts at New North with no obligation to join a team after the Orientation. Click the second link to let us know you're interested!