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Room for more FAQ

As a church, we are stepping into a new season of reliance on God and faith.  We’re excited to announce we are adding a third service at New North Church. Our new service times will be 9am, 10:30am, and 12pm, starting April 14. Learn more about our move to three services here

We know you may have some questions about how this change will affect you, and we've tried to answer some of those questions below. If you still have questions, email hello@newnorth.church and we will get back to you with an answer!

Q: Why are the service times changing instead of just adding a third service?
A: We are adjusting to these service times to allow for optimal ministry opportunity for all while respecting the time of those who are volunteering on our New North teams.

Q: Why did we choose these times?
A: Our Lead Team and Elders have researched, prayed, and sought council, and we believe services at 9am, 10:30am, and 12pm will allow us the best balance among ministry opportunity, reaching our community, and valuing our volunteers.

Q: I think there are plenty of empty seats — why do we need a third service?
A: When we look at our capacity, we look at all of our spaces. Though it may seem like there are seats open in the auditorium, we've actually been at 80% capacity for nearly two years. We want to make our spaces accessible to guests. Furthermore, we want our kids spaces to be both safe and effective in ministry, and we want to ensure parking for everyone that wants to join us for our Sunday morning gatherings.

Q: Will there still be time for prayer and response in service?
A: Prayer and response time is extremely important to us and will always be a part of the culture of our church. We will be addressing our service flow and timing of the components within our services to ensure that there is a healthy balance of worship, preaching of the Word, and response time.

Q: What happens if a gathering runs long?
A: We understand that there is always potential that our services may run long. Our teams are guided by the Holy Spirit to ensure that we facilitate God-encounters and address needs that arise. Our planning process and consistent evaluation in preparation for our services will help us to keep our service times within the timeframe that we have designed. We must always be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit has for us, and that must be considered as we evaluate the execution of our service plans.

Q: Will all three services be the same?
A: Yes, all three services will be the same for adults in the auditorium and New North Kids upstairs.

Q: Will our services be any different now that we’ll have three of them?
A: While we like to keep things fresh at New North, we won’t be making any significant changes to our services. The main change is that they will now run for approximately 70 minutes instead of 75 minutes.

Q: I want to serve! What do you need? How can I sign up?
A: Great! There are many new opportunities to use your gifts and talents. Learn more and sign up here.

Q: Does this impact what goes on during the week at church?
A: No, our midweek ministries will carry on as usual. 

Q: Will there be any parking when I come?
A: Absolutely. By adding a third service, we believe our parking will actually become more accessible with more open spaces. 

Q: Will there be snacks after the 12pm service?
A: Coffee and snacks will be at The HUB between the services, but not after the 12pm service.

Q: Can you feed my children lunch at New North Kids for the 12pm service?
A: We're currently not planning to serve children lunch in the 12pm service. 

Q: Will New North Kids be available at all services?
A: Yes, New North Kids from nursery to 5th grade will be available at all three services.

Q: When will MSM and HSM meet? (Will there be student ministries at the 12pm service?)
A: Our middle school ministry will meet at the 10:30am service, and our high school ministry will meet at the 12pm service. No student ministries will meet at the 9am service.