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Room for More

A Third Service and New Service Times at New North

As a church, we are stepping into a new season of reliance on God and faith.  We’re excited to announce we are adding a third service at New North Church. Our new service times will be 9am, 10:30am, and 12pm, starting April 14. We believe this will help us accomplish our mission to make and mature more followers of Jesus. We are making room for more! Here are several exciting reasons for the change:

    1. Room for More People

For close to two years, both of our services have been completely full. We need to make more physical space for you. If you have kids, you also know how beyond capacity we’ve been upstairs at New North Kids. We need to make room for more children. But this is not about us. We need to make room for people who are not yet part of New North. We’re making room for your neighbor, coworker, and friend.  Ultimately we’re making room for more people to have the opportunity to find and follow Jesus!

      1. Room for More Growth

We believe God wants us to be a church reaching communities beyond San Bruno. With only 5% (or less!) of people in the SF Bay Area in relationship with Jesus, we see a future of planting campuses and churches to reach more people for Christ. This means we need to make room for more growth in order to multiply and send out.

        1. Room for More Opportunities

The reality is we all lead busy lives and adding another service will give you more options for worship and for serving. We want everyone to be thinking, “Attend One, Serve One”. Attend a service for worship. Then serve at another service by using your gifts and talents to build the kingdom of God. By adding a third service, our church needs more people like you to take the servants towel, roll up their sleeves, and serve. You’ll soon be hearing about all our opportunities to contribute. If you are not yet serving at New North, please consider doing so soon.

Our Ask of You

  1. Join us in praying for God’s blessing over and guidance in this change.
  2. Ask God to point you to families, co-workers, neighbors, etc who he wants to call into community at New North. Write their names down and ask God for an opportunity to invite them.
  3. Prayerfully consider using your gifts and talents to make room for more at New North.  Make a commitment to serve on a team before or after the service that you usually attend.