The Good Samaritan Association

The Good Samaritan Association was formed in 1993, and its Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1995. Click on the picture to see a video all about it. It is an Evangelical NGO whose founders are members of ECM (European Christian Mission) and of the AMEC (Andalusian Missionary Evangelical Church). Its main focus is helping those struggling with drug addictions and social exclusion, and its values are founded on Biblical principles. More than 450 men with drug or alcohol problems have been helped.

The technical team is composed of both professionals and volunteers. The residents of the therapeutic community at the Centre come from all over Spain (and occasionally from abroad). They follow a complete therapeutic program which includes occupational therapy, psychological attention, learning about healthy use of leisure time (sports, outings, etc.) and preparation for the phase of reintegration into family, society and work.

The rehabilitation Centre is located in the heart of Spain’s Sierra Morena, the largest area of ecological olive oil production in Europe. Francis and Nathalie Arjona, missionaries with ECM since 1987, are church planters and founders of the Good Samaritan ministry. Francis is the president of the Association and Nathalie is the Executive Secretary.

Francis :

  • National Director of ECM in Spain
  • President of the Good Samaritan Association (ministry towards drug addicts)
  • Counsellor for social concerns of the Evangelical Andalusian Council
  • Church planting and coordination of the local missionaries’ team
  • Pastor of the church in Pozoblanco
  • Training for new missionaries

Nathalie :

  • Executive secretary of the Good Samaritan Association
  • Part of the worship team at local church
  • Organization of food distribution for needed people at church
  • Organization of the couples’s dinners at church
  • Weekly Bible study to ladies
  • Paper work and accounts for ECM-Spain
  • Hosting the guests who come to visit or participate in ministry