Leulsegad and Fikir Tesfaye

Leulseged Philemon Tesfaye (known as Leul) is the first Ethiopian to be identified by the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) for a faculty position teaching Systematic Theology. Until now, the material has been presented by “Western” faculty.

Leul received his B.A. from Addis Ababa Bible College and M.Div. from EGST in 2008. His focus is hermeneutics, a crucial area of biblical interpretation.

Since his major is in Theology and his minor is in New Testament, he hopes to integrate Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit) and biblical (New Testament) interpretation in his research. Specifically he wants to explore the issue from an Ethiopian perspective.

The church in Ethiopia has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past twenty years, but along with this growth has come some spurious teaching and unbiblical practices. Yet, the church has been blessed with the joy and hope of the Holy Spirit. While some might say that the Holy Spirit works apart from Scripture, Leul seeks to show how the Spirit is the source of Scripture and the means of correct understanding.

Upon his return home, Leul is looking forward to taking part in developing the Constructive Theology Program at Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology. EGST is the only graduate level institution of its kind in the Horn of Africa. Founded in 1997, the school has graduated 117 people.

Leul’s wife, Fikir Tilahun, and sons Naod and Aaron are with him in Southern California. AND, they just had another son, Abel Philemon, in April 2015!

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