Fred and Anastassia Naff

Fred started going to CPC in 1978, a few months after he gave my life to Christ. When he was with InterVarsity he was the first person from CPC to go out as a missionary. Fred and Anastassia met in Italy. Fred had gone as a student to do his last year of college and then went back two years later to work with InterVarsity, doing evangelism among university students. Anastassia went to Italy from Greece, where she is from, to get her degree in pharmaceutics. They met in an evangelistic Bible study that Fred was helping with and that Anastassia attended and where she had given her life to Christ. She’s from a small village on the island of Evia.

Fred is an architect, and received his training and work experience in the United States, Italy, and also Greece, where he and Anastassia live. He is in charge of the work of the Design Group of “EuroTeam”, a part of Greater Europe Mission. EuroTeam works to assist the church in Europe with building design, construction assistance through volunteer teams, and other training through volunteers in areas like English language learning and computer skills. In his role in the Design Group, Fred does architectural design work and consulting for evangelical churches, camps, Bible schools and other ministries in Europe. He also coordinates the work of outside consultants in Europe and the United States who donate their time to help with architectural and structural design and related work.

Anastassia owns and operates a pharmacy in Rafina, the town where she and Fred live, and this gives her many opportunities to talk about the “medicine that never runs out” (and has no side effects!), which is Christ.

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