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City Impact

About City Impact

City Impact has been in existence for 30 years with a consistent mission: to see a spiritual awakening in the Tenderloin, the most impoverished district of San Francisco. Within the Tenderloin there are 37,000 people, and only a handful of Bible believing churches. City Impact’s call is to stand in the gap, and to intercede for those who have no Christians in their lives to share the good news. This includes very tangible acts of love and kindness such as feeding the hungry (via a rescue mission and meal deliveries), clothing the naked (via thrift stores), educating the children (via a school program), planting churches (via an adopt-a-building initiative), and making disciples.

What Volunteers Do

New North Church volunteers at City Impact typically get involved in the mission to feed the hungry by either compiling or delivering meals. All food items, containers and utensils are provided. After volunteers arrive at City Impact HQ on Jones Street in San Francisco, they are divided into working groups by City Impact staff who then provide instruction.

Who To Contact

Hubert Pun is the long-time New North Church liaison with City Impact, and would love to help you develop a partnership with this organization – or answer any of your volunteer questions. Contact Hubert at http://www.sfcityimpact.org