Sam Cerdena

Early Childhood Director

Sam serves all the little kiddos in nursery to preschool in his role as Early Childhood Director. Previously part of an international study group focused on child growth and development in Reggio [...]

Manus Chau

Technical Coordinator

(Photo coming soon) Manus is the Technical Coordinator at New North, providing tech support for all midweek ministries and Sunday services. He is probably the most reliable and steady guy you will [...]

Rashad Clemons

Church Planting Resident

Rashad, our Church Planting Resident, hails from Los Angeles, California, but since the days of his youth he fell in love with the cultural vibrancy and rich history of New York City. [...]

Adam Darbonne

Generations Pastor

Adam is the Generations Pastor at New North. He is the chief kid, and visioneer for kids from age 0 to 18. Besides having a huge heart for the Word and evangelism, Adam also knows how to engage a grou [...]

Tim Drisdelle

Worship & Creative Pastor

Tim is New North’s Worship & Creative Pastor. Having over 20 years of worship leadership experience, Tim brings excellence, innovation, and immense depth to our worship and creative arts ministry. Tim [...]

Craig Gaffney

Worship Coordinator

Craig is our Worship Coordinator and one of the key people who makes the amazing worship at New North happen every Sunday. Craig’s studies in songwriting at Berklee College of Music [...]

Janet Gutierrez

Campus Experience Director

As Campus Experience Director, Janet Gutierrez oversees all of the teams that make Sunday mornings happen. Her passion for making people feel welcome and valuable is rooted in her love for Jesus – and [...]

Rob Hall

Lead Pastor

Rob Hall is our Lead Pastor here at New North. A Hayward native, he worked as a youth pastor and campus pastor in Las Vegas before returning to the Bay Area several years ago. He is our primary commun [...]

Lily Jow

Mothers & Marriage Ministry Coordinator

As a wife and mother of four, Lily knows how important it is for moms to get together for support and community, making her the perfect MOPS/MOMSnext Coordinator—a role she’s held the past 10 years! [...]

Lauryl Kurian

Communications Director

Lauryl is the New North Communications Director. She is one of the key strategists who dreams about the most effective avenues to relay New North’s mission and message to the community. [...]

Linda Lee

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Linda is in charge of almost everything that makes the machine of New North run, and she does it with decisive grace. After a long stint working at a company that has a cavalry [...]

Michelle Lee

Operations Manager

Michelle Lee is our Operations Manager extraordinaire at New North. With over 12 years of experience, she keeps all the wheels greased and turning throughout the week both in the office and [...]

McKenna Mitchell

Community Life Pastor

McKenna Mitchell is the Community Life Pastor at New North. She is not-so-secretly in love with baking without a recipe or measuring cups and, one day, she plans to try her skills on a wedding [...]

Alec Obert

Interim Communications Coordinator

(Photo coming soon) Alec is our Interim Communications Coordinator. He facilitates the creation of the visuals at New North, from Sunday service slides to campus signs, and everything in between. [...]

Chelsea Oliver

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Chelsea is the first face you’ll see when you walk into the New North offices. Her studies in communications and background in customer service serve as a foundation for [...]

Ryan Pent

Student Ministries Director

(Photo coming soon) Hailing from Costa Rica, Ryan is our Student Ministries Director. He is a self-proclaimed "collector of hobbies" and loves finding new things to learn and do with friends. [...]

Zak Stamps

Technical Director

Zak Stamps is the Technical Director for New North. If you don’t know him, he’s the one dressed all in black. But don’t let that scare you away as he is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Z [...]

Tracey Syme

Kids Director

Tracey is our fantastic Kids Director; she oversees New North Kids from birth to fifth grade. Tracey's passion is teaching children about God's great love for them [...]


Michael Farbstein


Rob Hall


Frank Cutter



Susie Sawczuk

Deacon of Global and Local Outreach

Chester Quan

Deacon of Men's Fraternity

Kinney Fong

Deacon of Ushering

Jennifer Lum-Yee

Deacon of Worship