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Welcome to New North Church. We are a church that is passionate about making and maturing followers of Jesus Christ. No matter what your background, come as you are, you are welcome here.


More About New North Church

Our Story

You may not be able to tell from the outside, but New North Church is actually part of a lineage of Bay Area churches that dates all the way back to the 1960’s. It all started with a simple idea: carry out a calling to make and mature followers of Jesus Christ through a community of believers.

Prior to the current name, the church was known as the North Campus of Central Peninsula Church (or CPC for short). The main campus of CPC is based in Foster City and after 40 years of establishment, commissioned a group of 100 committed people to start a new campus in Millbrae, CA.

The church launched at the auditorium of Mills High school on January 11th, 2009. After two years there, CPC North was ready for its next move and landed at the current location, the former Crestmoor High School at 300 Piedmont Avenue, San Bruno.

On July 1st, 2017, CPC North officially re-launched as an independent church body known as New North Church. However, in spite of the name change, the church remains deeply connected to Central Peninsula Church through shared core values and a shared history that will never be lost.

Core Values


It is the privilege and the duty of all who have met God to worship and adore Him. Proper worship engages both our mind and our heart, and it cultivates a balanced sense of awe and intimacy in our approach to God. Our worship style should be culturally relevant while remaining theologically pure. We worship God in our midst by uniting in worship weekly and by cultivating a love relationship with Him daily.


The church is to provide care, support, and training for believers endeavoring to live for God. The ministry of the church is to be carried out by all believers as they use their spiritual gifts to glorify God and build up His body. Since authentic Christian community involves much more than can possibly take place in Sunday morning worship, commitment to a small group should be an essential part of every believer’s experience of church.


At the center of the Christian faith is the Word of God. Since God has chosen to reveal Himself through His Word, the teaching, reading, study and meditation of the Bible is essential to our relationship with Him. Every believer should be regularly fed through individual reading of the Word, small group Bible study and relevant expository preaching.


The church should be a place where lost, hurting, and broken people are free to be authentic while yearning for and moving toward continued growth. Jesus Christ came to seek the lost, heal the brokenhearted, and transform lives to reflect His glory. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight with any of us; it takes place in an environment of both grace and truth – grace that frees us to be transparent about our hurts and failures, and truth that encourages us to continue to walk in obedience to Him.


In God’s scheme of ministering to this fallen world, He has determined to work through His church. He has commissioned His people to be His witnesses. The church is to build up its people in their spiritual lives so that, as they participate in society on any and every level, the reality of God’s love will be evident to others, and they will be drawn to Him. This participation will include both words and works, both evangelism and social concern.


The church should be led by a group of mature elders who seek and submit to the Lord’s direction for His church. The living head of the church is Jesus Christ; He alone is the Chief Shepherd (senior pastor). At the same time, in shepherding His flock, Jesus has entrusted its care and protection to a group of mature “under-shepherds” called elders. These men are accountable to the Lord to lead the Body in a way that is consistent with the word of God and the leading of the Spirit.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible is the word of God, supernaturally inspired, inerrant in the original manuscripts so that it is the divinely authoritative standard for every age and every life.

We believe that God the Father orders and directs all things according to His own purpose. He created the universe apart from any preexisting materials. He sent Christ into the world to save sinners by His own sovereign choice and out of His love for mankind.

We believe that Jesus Christ in the flesh was both God and man, that He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life, that He was crucified, and was raised bodily from the dead on the third day.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and that He possesses all the divine attributes. He convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. He indwells, baptizes and seals all believers at the moment of their salvation, equipping them with spiritual gifts and empowering them for service.

We believe that man was directly created in the image of God to enjoy fellowship with God. Man fell into sin by a voluntary act of disobedience to the will of God; consequently, all men are subject to the certainty of both physical and spiritual death apart from Jesus Christ.

We believe that, in His death and by His shed blood, Jesus Christ made a perfect atonement for sin. All who believe in Him are declared justified on the basis of Christ’s death and resurrection, apart from good works.
We believe that all who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit belong to the universal church and are directed by the Scriptures to associate themselves in local, visible churches. The local church is autonomous in its relationship and is governed by a body of elders who lead in submission to Jesus Christ. Its ordinances are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the eternal blessedness of the saved, the everlasting conscious punishment of the unsaved along with Satan and his other fallen angels, and the personal, visible and imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ to establish His worldwide kingdom on earth.