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Men's Ministry

Get strong


With a solid baseline of health intact, a process of discipleship must be in place. Our Get Strong phase in the men’s spiritual pathway is to prepare men for deployment into ministry within the church and into his mission in the world. The Get Strong educational and experiential phase of the pathway is about making a man of God.

GET STRONG is a discipleship, leadership and ministry training plan for those who want to go deeper in their walk with God, deeper in their commitment to Jesus, and deeper in their service to God. It is made up of a small group of men who have completed all four Get Healthy studies. The format consists of weekly small group study and discussion.

The focus of Get Strong is exploring and experiencing the core beliefs and behaviors of God’s man. It is the natural progression from transformation to activation to leadership training. In this phase they are packing on serious spiritual muscle and disciplines as well as engaging resources and relationships that center on strong spiritual formation. Get Strong is designed to produce a strong and aggressive spiritual expression of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission evidenced in every man’s life.

For more information contact Chester Quan at chesterquan@hotmail.com.



Once fully trained, there is only one call left…