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Men's Ministry

get going


A trained “God’s man” is responsible for ministry, reproducing leaders, and supporting pastoral staff in the execution and delivery of ministry to the people. At New North Church, a man’s spiritual pathway doesn’t stop after he completes Get Strong. He has been supported at each step with the right connective bridge, the right tools and resources, and the right relationships to be successful. Now it’s time to GET GOING.

At New North, “going” takes on many shapes and forms. A trained leader is not done learning, but continues to develop leadership skills. A trained leader now has opportunities to lead others. Whether that means becoming a leader of a community group, in the high school group, in the middle school group or any of the many ministry opportunities New North currently offers. He may start a new ministry to fulfill a need in church or a new ministry to share the gospel in the community. He is considered a leader in the church and will be called upon to be a part of the spiritual pathway for others and share the gospel with those inside and outside his circle of influence to help “make and mature” more followers of Jesus so that we will have a church of spiritual warriors ready to join together for spiritual battle.


For more information contact Chester Quan at chesterquan@hotmail.com.