Local Partners

Street Life Ministries


Street Life Ministries was founded 10 years ago by the Peninsula Covenant Church. It's a community-based non-profit that serves the homeless and at-risk population on the Mid-Peninsula. It's goal is t [...]

Habitat for Humanity

San Francisco Area


Habitat for Humanity's mission is to provide local families with a springboard to stable futures through affordable home–ownership and neighborhood revitalization. Habitat builds affordable homes thro [...]

Future Profits

San Francisco Area

Future Profits is an arm of ABLE WORKS, which equips individuals with financial education, life skills and assets that enable them to life free from oppression and poverty. Future Profits targets high [...]

City Team

6th St / The Tenderloin, San Francisco


City Team is a nondenominational Christian nonprofit that serves the poor and homeless nationwide. Their San Francisco division focuses on the homeless in areas around 6th Street and the poor living [...]

City Impact

The Tenderloin, San Francisco

City Impact has been in existence for 30 years with a consistent mission: to see a spiritual awakening in the Tenderloin, the most impoverished district of San Francisco. Within the Tenderloin, the mo [...]