Men's Ministry

What is Men’s Fraternity?

Men’s Fraternity is a weekly opportunity for a larger group of men to connect with God and one another around topics that matter to them. Our goal at Men’s Fraternity is to help each other grow into more authentic and spiritually mature men. Through a combination of live and video teaching, small group table sharing, and a good meal, we seek to bring men together to fulfill the roles that God has for each of us.

New North Men’s Fraternity meets on Tuesday evenings, 6:30–8:15 pm in the main auditorium. A light dinner is provided. For more information contact Chester Quan at

What’s Our Topic?

Galatians- Living in line with the Truth of the Gospel

The starting date is January 23, 2018

It is very common in Christian circles to assume that “the gospel” is something just for non-Christians. We presume that the gospel is a set of basic “ABC” doctrines that Christians do not need to hear or study once they are converted. But Galatians’ great declaration of the gospel of grace was written to believers who did not see its implications for life issues confronting them. Christians need the gospel as much as non-Christians do. Join us as we learn what it means to live our lives in line with the gospel.

Hear Tim Keller's sermon on the Gospel from Galatians