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a leader with no limits

By Susan Orloff
November 6, 2020

Passages of the day: Click HERE to read today’s passages.

Ezekiel 14:12-16:41
Hebrews 7:18-28
Psalm 106:1-12
Proverbs 27:4-6

As we’ve looked out over the landscape of this year, it’s sometimes felt as if the world might end. Martin Luther was attributed with saying: “If I knew that the world would end tomorrow – I would plant a tree!” Today’s scripture, when coupled with this enigmatic quote, can provide us with a perfect perspective & a perfect plan for the final days of 2020.

In recent months, most of our controversies have arisen from our single-minded focus on temporal leadership. Even as believers, we’ve lost sight of the Biblical truth that “the former regulations were set aside because they were weak and useless” (Heb 7:18) and we’ve focused instead on earthly leaders who were “appointed by the laws in all their weakness” (Heb 7:28) The result?  Unprecedented divisiveness – that’s left us feeling alienated and powerless.

Conversely, the author of the tree-planting quote had a perfect perspective. Because rather than relegating Christ’s reign to some future heavenly world, he understood that Jesus became the Ultimate Leader of this world at the moment of His resurrection – ushering in New Creation, and empowering us to be partners in His divine restoration project; meaning that the good that we do NOW will not only have value in this world, but will live on for all eternity!

This sounds wonderful, but you might be wondering what it would look like at “street level”. And for a great example, we need look no further than our own New North church community:

Throughout the pandemic, two of our sweet sisters (Michele Robertson and Judy Droege) have connected twice each week to walk through San Bruno Park. But before heading out, they pray together and ask “the One who can truly meet our needs” (Heb 7:26) to bring people onto their path who are hurting or feeling adrift. And then, empowered by His Spirit, they set out on their walk as living beacons of light and hope! 

Armed only with welcoming waves, listening ears, and open hearts - these beautiful “tree planters” have inspired, encouraged (and even prayed with) total strangers. And thanks to their perfect perspective, they’ve enacted a perfect plan.

The takeaway? 

As long as we stay focused on the Leader with no limits –  there’ll be no limit to what we can do!

To Memorize:

There is joy for those who deal justly with others
and always do what is right.

—Psalm 106:3

Prayer to start with: God, I choose joy today because you are my leader with no limits. The ultimate one. Today, I will be a beacon of hope to others. Bring people along my path that I can encourage today. I want to plant courage, strength, and joy through your word with everyone I encounter today. I put my trust in you.