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arise and shine

By Tracey Syme
September 30, 2020

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Isaiah 60:1-62:5
Philippians 1:27-2:18
Psalm 72:1-20
Proverbs 24:11-12

In this season, something that I believe the Lord has been leaving an impression on my heart, is the proclamation of “let’s go!”

Simple instructions from the sound of it. Many times when my family and I are going to do an activity, we are usually sitting around the living room all dressed and ready and then I or my husband will say “alright, let’s go” and just like that we load up the car and off we go.

Similarly, I feel the Lord is saying this to myself and to all of us. There are many reasons to pause and reflect on what is taking place during our current events and times, but we worship and serve the Lord who is always on the move! In Isaiah 60 the first verse gives a similar simple proclamation, “arise and shine, for your light has come”. Simple words with such deep meaning. Your light, my light, the barista at Starbucks light...OUR LIGHT has come. Arise and shine. This activation of shining your light is not a work, a chore, but a command that we get to partake in because our Father is so good! God is always on the move, he calls us higher and to be a light that attracts nations, kings and queens.

It is always brighter above the clouds of problems and dismay, we as Christians get to show the world that fact. Not only is light and the joy of the Lord our strength, but his joy will make you famous. Like a lighthouse directing passing ships in the night, we get to direct souls to where our true joy comes from. Not out of a work or a have to, but out of the pleasure God gives us. People will wonder how you remain at peace in difficult times, how you kept your marriage to stay fresh after decades of a relationship and also how you can just live with a smile on your face. When you become a Christian by accepting Jesus, you are a new creation in Him. Shine Jesus Shine.

Maybe no one told you. Maybe no one told you that you don’t have to have a sulky face any more...God is on the throne and he has everything covered! You can arise and shine in that good news now!

My prayer is that we don’t get distracted by what is in the here and now, the temporary, but that we set our affections and thoughts in things above; God The eternal. My prayer for you is to arise and shine! Maybe you got let go from your job, arise and shine. You had a medical report come back with negative results, arise and shine. Your child is going to college and now their room will be clean until they come back for Christmas, arise and shine. For every reason, season or circumstance, there is time for you to arise and shine. May that happen in your life this week. Arise and Shine!

To Memorize:

Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

— Isaiah 60:1

Prayer to start with: Lord, help me be the light in this world. Whatever the situation is, I choose to praise you. I choose to be the light to others around me. Amen.