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a new normal

By Kevin Ramos
August 10, 2020

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Ezra 10:1-44
1 Corinthians 6:1-20
Psalm 31:9-18
Proverbs 21:3

Sheltering in place has forced us to adapt to a new way of life as we walk with the Lord. As Christians, our lives are not only ones of a relationship with God, but also a relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. He created us to be in community just as He in His own tribune being is the supreme example of community. We simply need other people in our lives because God designed us that way, which makes the days we're living in all the more difficult.

This pandemic has taken us out of our comfort zones in so many areas of our lives, forcing us to adapt, but as Christians we are still called in every circumstance to love and serve God. Here are some ways I've tried to persevere that I hope will help you too:

Keep In Relationship With God:

This year has shaken the world and filled people's hearts with fear and anxiety. God has not called us to this same spirit, but to be filled with His Holy Spirit so that we in turn can give hope to those who are filled with fear and anxiety. We can only do this by making sure our hope is founded in Christ, and this can only happen by first connecting with God through prayer and the Word. When we express our needs to God and turn to him for answers, this allows Him to lead us. This is what all of the other steps are founded on, and joy, peace, and rest cannot be found in the midst of this pandemic without first turning to Him.

Ask How Someone Is Doing:

We as humans are masters of making it seem like everything is ok when it really isn't. Even now, in the midst of all that the world is going through, we still find ways to convince each other that we're ok.

The truth is that every human being is broken, and the only way to know what someone is truly going through is to ask. So ask people how they're doing, show them love, bear their burdens, and offer to pray for them. People are especially vulnerable and willing to open up in times like this. It's so easy for us to underestimate reaching out to someone, but your interaction with them can end up being one of the most impactful conversations they've had in a while.

Surround Yourself (Digitally) With Brothers And Sisters In Christ:

Our minds can be very easily shaped by what we see in the world, and right now our perspectives can be easily swayed by the news and the internet. While these things aren't bad, we all know that we can sometimes consume them in ways that aren't healthy for us. God calls us to "not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewal of your mind." (Romans 12:2)

We need people with renewed minds surrounding us and reminding us of His truth in the midst of so much deception in this world. People to love us and bear our burdens, but also to lovingly tell us when our thoughts and actions are not in line with the Lord. Everything in sight on the news and internet has the power to completely destroy our hope if we have the wrong perspective, and we need our brothers and sisters to remind us that we're not hopeless, but have every reason to hope in Him.

To memorize:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

— Romans 8:28

Prayer to start with: Father, thank you for the grace that you've given us to live in a time that we can still stay connected to friends and loved ones during a pandemic. We pray that we wouldn't take that grace for granted, but would take full advantage of it, using it to love and serve others, and to continue to give hope to the hopeless.