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oh my! that's a long list of names...

By Nicole Flowers
July 9, 2020

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1 Chronicles 7:1-8:40
Acts 27:1-20
Psalm 7:1-17
Proverbs 18:22

How many of us angle to skip our way riiiiight through the books of Leviticus, Numbers, Chronicles? Go ahead and admit it, there’s no one else there besides you and God and He already knows anyway. Listen, I get it. I’m lucky if I make it past Deuteronomy each and every March so I am not one to cast the first stone. The angst (!!) of reading through these lists of laws and tribes and lineage. Oh, Lord! Why are we to care about these names?!

In Isaiah 43:1, God reminds us he has summoned us by name and we are His. Every one of our names is written on the palms of His hands (Isaiah 49:16). He holds us and remembers us. As we meander through the final names of the northern and Benjamite tribes of Israel today, we have an opportunity to bask in our meticulous God and how the way He’s carefully and mindfully recorded these names we so often rush by, is how He thinks of us! 

To be sure, it’s a tedious list. The Chronicler lists out each tribe, name after name, with Levi at the spiritual heart, right in the center. But just think! One day, we will be so anxious to hear a similar list read from the Book of Life as we await the sound of our names, something so familiar, coming from our Savior’s mouth.

We’ll want to savor it, acknowledge the saints who’ve come before, we may even look around to see where everyone is, and we won’t want anyone to rush on through.

To memorize:

I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Your walls are ever before me. 

— Isaiah 49:15b-16

Prayer to start with: Heavenly Father, help me remember how your eyes are always on me and you know my name. You see me, you hear me, and you hold me. Also, convict me when I try to rush through these harder parts of my daily reading. Thank you for being gracious, compassionate, and thorough. Amen.