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reconcile with god

By Andy Tan
July 1, 2020

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2 Chronicles 29:3-31:21

What do you do when faced with a challenging or difficult situation? It could be a pandemic like COVID 19, Racial Injustice, Unemployment, Idolatry, Loneliness, or whatever situation you are dealing with. How do you handle it? From these passages, we clearly see King Hezekiah’s answer when faced with difficult challenges and that is to Reconcile with God. Often, when we are faced with a difficult situation, we tend to try and solve the problems ourselves and not rely on God. By ourselves, this often leads to shame, guilt, low self-esteem as the failures keep mounting on. It is not that we don’t believe that God can solve the problems for us, but rather we think that the problem is too minute, or our pride hinders us from asking God for help. We must lay down our pride and put our hearts back to God and trust Him on all things. Let us look at the action steps that King Hezekiah took to get right with God.

From the passages, we learned that King Hezekiah’s parents and their people were unfaithful to God, they destroy and shut the doors to the temple of the Lord so no one can worship God. As a result, everyone during those times turned their backs on God and did evil in the eyes of the Lord and forsook Him. They took up idolatry amongst other evil things that angered God and God made them suffered by giving them into the hands of Assyria. First thing that Hezekiah did when he become king was to open the doors of the temple of God and repaired them. King Hezekiah commanded his people to consecrate themselves and remove all the defilement from the sanctuary and turn their hearts back to God. He ordered the priests to purify and consecrate the temple of the Lord as well as themselves. King Hezekiah established a new covenant with God as he and his people begin to worship, make sacrifices and make offerings to God once again. Next Hezekiah celebrated the Passover and sent couriers to neighboring countries and as far as they can go to ask people to repent and return to the Lord and consecrate themselves. Hezekiah encouraged them to confess their sins and come back to God. Ultimately, Hezekiah and his people restored their relationship with God and prospered during Hezekiah’s reign as King.

To memorize:

If you return to the Lord, then your fellow Israelites and your children will be shown compassion by their captors and will return to this land, for the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him.

— 2 Chronicles 30:9

Prayer to start with: Father God, I prayed that we can seek you with our whole heart like Hezekiah and get right with you. Especially during these challenging times with the COVID 19 Pandemic, tensions with racial injustice, and other chaos in this world that we live in, help us to refocus on you. Help us clean out all the debris in our hearts and show us how to care. Guide us to do what is right and faithful before you and be obedience to your laws and commands. In Jesus name, Amen!