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Going deeper

By Tracey Syme
May 6, 2020

Passages of the day: Click HERE ​to read today’s passages.

Ruth 2:1-4:22
John 4:43-54
Psalm 105:16-36
Proverbs 14:26-27

Years ago, my husband and my two older sons got the chance to go on a scuba diving adventure in Hawaii. The hotel we were staying at advertised that they did scuba diving from their beach and you didn’t need to be certified to go. Our family was excited at the notion to go on such a fun activity!

My husband and boys signed up and they started out by doing a beginner’s lesson in the hotel pool. They got acclimated and familiar with the equipment and the safety procedures underwater in the pool, before setting foot into the ocean where the real fun happens. Their instructor was named Kevin and he was very kind and welcoming. My family felt like a special bond of trust was established with him while they were taking his instruction.

That afternoon, they suited up with the scuba gear and slowly walked on the shimmering sand toward the water. Soon enough, I saw my family disappear under the surface of the ocean.

When they came back, my son Scott Jr told me about the escapade. They saw sights of tropical fish, turtles, and ocean life. It felt like he was in a Travel Channel episode.

It sounded like a great time until my son told me about a terrifying few moments that occurred. While under 40 feet of water, he gazed at his air tank gauge, and to his surprise, it was in the red zone. He panicked. Being a first-time scuba diver and for being so young, Scott Jr was more than just scared. He got the attention of their guide, Kevin, through a combination of a frenzy of panic air bubbles and hand gestures, he communicated that the air tank was in the red zone, the air was dwindling. Kevin communicated the OK hand symbol to him and instructed him to go deeper. Deeper!? I felt like that was counterintuitive advice to give to someone when their air tank is low, deeper? Scott Jr decided to instead swim toward the surface. Again, Kevin motioned the ok symbol to Scott Jr and once again said to swim deeper.

The excursion came to a close and they walked out of the water and back onto the beach. Scott Jr told me that the dive ended on a positive note and despite that scary episode, they all had fun! Kevin was proud of Scott Jr’s bravery. He affirmed that everything was ok and it still would have been fine to have swum deeper and to have trusted him.

After reading our selected passages, it made me relate to how calm Jesus is in the midst of the city official who was worried that his son would die from an illness. Jesus spoke and the boy was healed at the same moment.

I think in the smallest to the biggest situations in life, Jesus remains cool, calm, and collected when he sees what we are going through. He assures us that everything is going to be ok. Jesus is our guide, our confidant, and friend. In Him we find joy and warmth. He gives us the assurance that our situation can be calmed from his voice.

Relating to Scott Jr’s story above, Kevin the guide was not worried or surprised by seeing the air tank in the red zone. In fact, he gave a direction that was the opposite of common sense - going deeper. I think that is what Jesus is calling us to do in these unusual times. Go deeper with him. Going deeper with him, not to gain a spiritual badge or a bragging right, but to go deeper in His heart and to know that he has made everything right. We may want to cling to what common sense says to do or cling to safety, but Jesus gives us the OK symbol to go deeper with him. He is good. He loves us. Go deeper! Ok?!

The fun thing is, going deeper with Jesus is a gift, not a work or a chore or something that is awarded to use thorough tears at the altar. Jesus is here, he is real and I believe he wants to show us the depths of his love. When we hit a red zone, he just wants to take us deeper! How typical of Jesus to want to do that with us, to have a laugh with us and show us that even where we stand now, we can’t even imagine the depth of his love.

I would like to end with a quote that relates to me in these passages as well, from The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe... Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.

Love, Tracey

To memorize:

The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,
turning a person from the snares of death.

— Proverbs 14:27

Prayer to start with: Gracious God, We pray that you quiet our minds. Still our hearts so that we can hear your voice and live in you. Strengthen our lives and inspire our spirits so that we can eel your living waters flow. Through your endless grace, may we come to know and serve you better. Amen