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God's Word
Never Changes

By Issa & Sam Cerdena
April 21, 2020

Passages of the day: Click HEREto read today’s passages.
Joshua 22:21-23:16
Luke 20:27-47
Psalm 89:14-37
Proverbs 13:17-19

Today’s passage in Luke is one that makes us think about how we need to protect ourselves in a very vulnerable time. Just as some Sadducees tried to trap Jesus and those listening with questions on marriage and resurrection, these days many of us depend so much on a world of information that we have at our fingertips.

The internet is both an amazing, but also a dangerous place. But it doesn’t have to be both. A lot of us depend on it for information as we work or study, but it is also full of things that can mislead and steer us away from where we should be. This is why it is so vitally important to know God’s Word and stand firm in it. Jesus warns His disciples of false teachers, and the importance to protect their minds with His truth. This is just as important then as it is now, for our own spiritual health, for our marriages and relationships, and even for our children who look to us to lead and guide them.

Dear Lord, just as false information is easily accessible to us, we know that Your Truth is as well. As we shelter in place and stay home during these difficult times, help us to remember to cling to your Word and turn to it always. Amen.

To memorize:
Not one of all the Lord's good promises to the house of
Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.
— Joshua 21:45