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love your neighbor

By Michelle Darbonne
April 3, 2020

Passages of the day: Click HEREto read today’s passages.
Deuteronomy 23:1-25:19
Luke 10:13-37
Psalm 75:1-10
Proverbs 12:12-14

If you’re anything like me, it’s been a struggle adjusting to working online 24/7, canceling highly anticipated trips, not being with friends and family, and especially not knowing how long this is all going to last. While these struggles and the others you’re facing are absolutely valid, somewhere in the back of my mind is a nagging thought: Is there more to be done? I wonder if God is calling the church to be more purposeful as we shelter in place.

The story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 has an uncanny relevance to our current situation in a pandemic-stricken world. In the story, Jesus reminds us to build our lives around God’s desire for us to love Him and love people.

Like the expert in the law who questioned Jesus in Luke 10:29, I find myself asking, “Lord, who are my neighbors, and what can I do to love them while I stay at home?” You may have already identified “neighbors” in your life - friends who live alone; co-workers who are struggling to manage work and young kids at home; your community group; a business owner who is out of work. But what if we took God’s command literally and looked to our actual neighbors, the people who live close to us? How has he strategically placed us to care for them?

Today, ask God to help you to see your neighbors (literally!) and what you can do for them. Then, go do it!

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Love, Michelle 

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To memorize:
From the fruit of their lips people are filled
with good things, and the work of their
hands brings them reward.
— Proverbs 12:14