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By Susan Orloff
March 30, 2020

Passages of the day: Click HEREto read today’s passages.
Deuteronomy 13:1-15:23
Luke 8:40-9:6
Psalm 71:1-24
Proverbs 12:5-7

For all us seniors, Psalm 71 is a hallmark scripture. The Psalmist, old and gray, asks God to bless him so that he might “declare His power to the next generation” (Ps. 71:18). But what could we possibly offer to a generation that can access the collective wisdom of all of human history in just under 15 seconds?

I pondered this recently while on a pre-dawn mission to our local Safeway. 

Upon arriving under the cover of darkness and securing my ninja-like headscarf, I slipped through the store’s pneumatic doors and into a sea of potential Covid carriers. Adrenaline spiked, as wheezing shoppers appeared out of nowhere - repelling me chaotically from one department to the next. 

And after finally declaring “Mission Un-Accomplished” I sped home under a brilliant pink-gold sunrise; completely ignoring it, as I obsessed over my half-empty shopping bag. (Lord. Really. Why?)

But in the next moment, my eyes were drawn to the sliding glass doors that span the back of our house – and I realized that they were UNLOCKED. We had forgotten to secure them before going to bed! Yet there I was. Alive. Well. Thriving.

The truth rolled over me like a Humvee: I didn’t have to protect myself. That was God’s job! And there it was. The wisdom that could never be Googled. A wisdom accrued over my nearly-70 years, which God meant for me to declare to our very...

Dear Next Generation,

Eternity is a breath away. [PREPARE] God wants to spend it with you. [LET HIM]

His death and resurrection was a gift. [ACCEPT IT] Faith requires a first step. [TAKE IT] Before time began, God ordained the number of your days. [CHILLAX] Never ignore a sunrise; He speaks them into existence. [LISTEN] And finally, remember that your lock is not what protects you from intruders in the night – whether human or viral. [HE DOES]

Love, Susan

To memorize:
You will increase my honor
     and comfort me once more.
     — Psalm 71:21