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Community Volunteering

Find ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community during these unprecedented times. If you'd like help or counseling, visit our Care page here


If you are able, we encourage you to reach out to your neighbors to see what their needs might be. Let them know there is a team of volunteers that would be willing to drop off food and supplies if they are unable to do it for themselves. Feel free to fill out a form on their behalf.


In addition to caring for your neighbors directly, consider that many local hospitals and community organizations are extremely overloaded right now. We can help them help others, and there are so many ways to make an impact. Check out all the ways you can volunteer by clicking the button below. Please reach out directly to the contact provided.


We are looking for people to help with delivering groceries, supplies, medicine, and other items to those who can’t get out during this time. Because of the potential exposure, we are asking only people between the ages of 25-50 to volunteer for this opportunity. Drivers must have gloves, facemask, or other personal protective gear to volunteer. Thank you so much for helping us stand with our communities.